He is so controlling…

Zamzam (20): “My fiancé is controlling all my actions and relationships, even in my choice of clothing. I am unhappy with this situation. I try to convince myself that he is acting like this out of love.”


Jesus is wise

Najet watched the Jesus film. She commented: “Jesus is wise, I can learn things from Him.”

Jesus’ life is very beautiful

Yusuf: “I have been reading the Gospels for about a year now and I’m studying the life of Jesus. The life of Jesus is very beautiful!”


Betrayed and afraid

Sondos: “I talked with my mother-in-law about my husband’s betrayal, because I’m afraid to lose my husband if I talk to him about it.”



Tell me more about the Biblical stories

Ala’ (Egypt): “I want to know more about the Biblical stories which aren’t mentioned in the Qur’an. I have read the four Gospels and watched the Jesus film which I once bought from a church.”