A healthy marriage

“Never before did I have such a unique opportunity to learn about a healthy marriage,” said an illiterate husband in Egypt after having watched our program on family life. His wife says: “My husband spends all day working in order to bring home some money. But he only knows one way to handle our children’s problems: through violence and shouting! We need Godly wisdom to raise our children. Please pray for us!” added the poor lady in tears. (Egypt)

I feel depressed

Thank you so much for today’s program, but I feel depressed and I need your prayers very much. Without any reason, I can’t stop crying and I have become depressed. (Lebanon)

I sense God’s presence

I greet this commendable, beautiful and respectful program. Although officially I am a Muslim, I could always sense God's presence while watching your program. I am from Saudi Arabia, I pray for everyone who works in the program. I am very afraid to tell anybody that I wish to become a Christian. (Saudi Arabia)

You help me to hold on

Thank you for the TV programs that help me hold on to my faith.”  Anonymous viewer from Yemen

A really great program

I am calling from Saudi Arabia; I like your program a lot. It's really a great program, which speaks about important and useful subjects in the same way. (Saudi Arabia)