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Ambassadors for Arab Vision

You can work for Arab Vision from your own country. If you are based in the UK, in the USA or in the Netherlands, and you feel you want to contribute more than prayer and money to our ministry, please contact us through the response form on this website. Our national boards will be in contact with you about how you can serve the Arab World through Arab Vision.If you are based in any other country in the world, we need you as ambassadors for our ministry! Making churches, groups and individuals aware of our media work in the Arab World, and getting them involved, will be of tremendous support. Please ask for our materials, like brochures, newsletters and promotional DVDs, to help you help us.

Particularly in Canada, Australia, and Norway we would like to start a national support organization like we have in the UK, USA and the Netherlands. Please contact us if you are interested to help.

  • Get others involved: Order a set of Arab Vision information leaflets, promotional and music DVDs and share about the ministry with your circle of friends or in your church.
  • Invite a speaker from Arab Vision to share about the work.
  • Organise a fundraiser to support one of our productions.