Youth & children

About half of the population of the Arab World is younger than 25. Arab youth is growing up in a changing world and much is demanding their attention. Many of them are also confronted with violence and war. Families, church and society are often conservative and young people seldom find room for open and honest conversations about items that are important to them, like faith, doubt, relationships and sexuality.

Arab Vision’s programs for youth provide informative and innovative advice to challenge young people to live a Christian life. They are encouraged to do their own research and to share their ideas and experiences.

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The Quest II

The interactive programme for young people, The Quest, which we produced in 2015, is now being broadcast by SAT-7 and is also available on a special website plus on a number of social media, like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

There are hardly any youth programs available on the major Christian channels and we have been asked to produce a second series of this programme, which is especially designed for youth age 12-18.

The elements of competition, entertainment and Bible study have proven to be a good combination. Quest II will consist of thirteen 28- minutes-episodes. Each episode will contain a topic related to the values Jesus taught in the Beatitudes like humility, suffering, seeking justice, being persecuted and striving for peace.

We still need about US$ 20,000 for this new production. Any help you can give us is very welcome indeed!

Watch a short clip of The Quest with English subtitles here.



Many passages in the bible encourage us to talk about God’s great deeds, His love, grace and wisdom to the next generations. Young children are open to learn and it is our calling to teach them how our Lord God walked and talked with people just like us.

Many parents these days are so busy that they try to keep their children entertained with computer games, but children all over the world love listening to stories, especially while sitting on grandma’s or grandpa’s lap. That is why we want to present a meaningful program for children, ages 3-6, to keep them fascinated.

At the same time we want to involve the parents and encourage them to have quality time with their children, by memorising the bible verse with them and talking about the story.

We plan to produce a TV series of 365 episodes; each episode of about 5-7 minutes covers a bible story, has a song and a bible verse.

For €160 or US$ 200 you can sponsor one episode.



youth-hold-the-keyThe majority of the population in many Arab countries is youth under 25 years old. Do they feel they matter in church? Do they feel they can have a say in how the churches view a Christian life style, communication with God, being called by God? Or are they considered too young, not yet mature – by themselves and/or by the Arab church leadership and other adults?

Arab Vision is developing a TV program series about young people in the Bible and how they were used in God’s plans, called, taken seriously… and about how this had a great impact on their and other people’s lives. The programs will also apply the stories and lessons learned to daily (family) life.

An encounter with God and his plans for our young people today will change their lives and their future, and, possibly, the future of complete societies.

The series will consist of 13 programs of each 10 minutes.

For €1500 you can sponsor one episode.



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