Light for North Africa


Arab Vision is producing a series of documentaries about the Christian roots of Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. Many people in North Africa believe that Christianity was ‘invented’ by the West, and brought into their countries as a ‘foreign’ religion, to ‘westernize’ and divide their countries. The truth is that even at its earliest point the history of Christianity was deeply entwined with the culture and people of North Africa.

LightforNorthAfrica2On His way to the crucifixion, Christ stumbled and the cross was carried by Simon of Cyrene, a native of modern day Libya. Today, after more than six centuries of Islamic domination, increasing numbers of North Africans, especially Muslims, are more open to learning about the Christian roots of their culture and heritage than ever before.

We will shoot on location, starting in Tunisia; the challenge is to get permissions for filming at historical sites.

If you (as an organization) want to adopt one episode of this 13 documentary series, please let us know. For a full project proposal, please contact us at