Freedom Cafe


We have finished the production of a series of 13 episodes of about half an hour each about Biblical teaching and the life of faith. The interviews have been filmed in a coffee house setting, using day to day language. Street interviews are used to represent “the voice of the people” on various subjects, like atheism, human nature, justification, salvation and the church.

One of the questions asked on the street was: ‘Which question would you want to be answered by God?’ The answers were diverse, here are some of them. ‘Why did you create us? Why did you make evil? Do you love me? I won’t dare to ask Him anything; I just accept what He does. Did I do this right? What is after death?’

Production for this series is done, but we want to focus on interaction about the topics through Facebook, besides broadcasting it through satellite TV.

For this Facebook campaign we need an additional amount of US$1,300.