Getting the right things right: Biblical principles for reconciliation

Arabic and Hebrew


We are planning to produce a documentary of 45 minutes (to be cut in three episodes of 15 minutes) on reconciliation in cooperation with Musalaha, an organisation in Jerusalem which has been working with Palestinian Christians and Messianic Jews since 1990 to promote reconciliation between Israelis and Palestinians according to biblical principles. Goal of the project is to evoke awareness and discussion in the Arab World about biblical reconciliation principles, featuring the ministry of Musalaha. (

The program will contain teaching, (street) interviews, testimonies of participants of the Musalaha activities, Christian leaders on both sides commenting on the principles of biblical reconciliation (including leaders from other Arab countries).

The languages of the program will be Arabic and Hebrew, subtitled in Arabic where Hebrew is being spoken, and the other way around. We also hope to subtitle the program in English.

Funds needed for this project: US$18,000