Our projects

We are continually working on a variety of productions for different target groups. For various (security) reasons we cannot always provide the details of all the programs we produce.
On this site you will find a number of our current productions in different categories. We hope you will be as enthusiastic about them as we are! If you would like to watch some of our previous programs, please visit our YouTube channel where you will find video clips with English subtitles.
If you would like to know more about where and how our programs are broadcast, you can find all the details here.

Catalogue of Christian programs – 2019 version

cover catalogue

More than twenty years of Christian TV programs produced by Arab Vision, categorised and compiled in a colourful catalogue which you can read here or download. Many of the programs are still available and you can order them. For more information, please write to contact@arabvision.org


Arab Vision’s video productions have a threefold approach:

In many languages

TV programs are produced in many varieties of Arabic and in non-Arabic languages including Sourani (Kurdish), Somali and Kabyle (Algeria). This is the power and distinctive feature of the Arab Vision programs; Christian programs are made by people in the language of the viewer, in the language of the heart of the people. ’Look at this, a Tunisian man who openly says he is a Christian? Moroccan people who witness about their search for grace and truth and found Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord? Kurds in Iraq who show how a small house-church is functioning?

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Follow up and impact

Using social media, email and mobile phones, our follow-up team are ready to offer a listening ear to those who need it, respond to viewers’ questions, pray with them and even provide material help.

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