Arab Vision is involved in the publication and promotion of a number of books which it recommends as ‘must reads’ for those interested in mission to the Arab World, the ancient and contemporary Arab churches, and the teachings of Islam.  Until now we have published four books in the Grassroots Mission Publications series.  (See:

Copies can be ordered for US$10 a piece (excluding postage). Please order your copies by filling in the contact form.

If you have a heart for mission and are particularly interested in the Arab World, we would recommend the book Doing Mission in the Arab World. It is a collection of articles written by ten missionaries whose experience, thinking and track records have developed during their years of service in the Arab World. It is the first book in our Grassroots Mission Publications series.


The Ministry of Reconciliation is the second book in our Grassroots Mission Publications and focuses mostly on issues of reconciliation and mission in the Arab World.
For anyone with an interest in mission and the Church in the Muslim World, this is a very valuable book. The writers are all long-term Christian workers in the Muslim World.


Stand Your Ground is a compilation of the best of Vivienne Stacey on the topic of Spiritual Warfare.  Ms Stacey has worked for over 50 years in the Muslim world, and she offers a wealth of insight and experience in the realm of the spiritual and the occult.

What is lacking in many leaders is spiritual depth,” writes Dr. David P. Teague in his book Godly Leadership, the fourth book in the Grassroots Mission Publications series.

Dr. Teague has forty years of experience as a pastoral and mission leader. Read some of his articles in the St. Francis magazine.