TV program about incest is going viral

At this moment the television series Hope for Tomorrow can be watched online and is broadcast on satellite TV in the Arab World. The interest in this series is overwhelming. Issues discussed include domestic violence, trafficking of women, child marriage and incest.

The episode about incest reached more than nine million people on Facebook. Half of them actually watched the video online. About 75.000 people responded via social media. The stories are based on real life situations, but because of the sensitive nature of the subjects professional actors were used. During the filming the crew (some of them Muslims) were very impressed that this taboo issue is discussed and openly broadcast on Christian TV channels in the Arab World.

In the Middle-East the follow-up team of Arab Vision is extremely busy dealing with all the questions. Farid (member of the follow-up team) is working extra hours: “We hadn’t expected that this program about incest would trigger such a response. At this moment many women are sending us private messages via Facebook and they share heartbreaking stories with us. We listen and advise and if possible refer them to counsellors and pastoral teams of churches in the various countries of the region. I knew that the subject of incest was taboo in the Arab culture, but that so many people would respond… we are really impressed.”