Our follow-up team was called by an elderly man who had some questions about our TV programs. They were surprised to hear he was the imam of a mosque.
This imam was unhappy in his own religion and therefore he watched Christian programs on satellite TV. This way he received answer to questions he was struggling with. He also watched Arab Vision programs and was surprised to see that the presenters in these programs were from his own country. They were not afraid to show their faces on TV.

The imam’s wife was reluctant and did not want to lose her Islamic faith. One day, however, during prayer time in the mosque she heard a sermon about a verse from the Koran which says that men should expel their wives as punishment, when they do not submit to their husbands. She felt so unhappy about this and she decided not to visit the mosque any more.

The imam and his wife continued to watch our programs. “One day we were touched by a program about the relationship between husband and wife and we called the phone number that was provided in the program. Now we both believe in Jesus,” the imam told our follow-up team. “We would like to be baptised as soon as possible. Yes, that is difficult, it will cost me my job and so my income. No, I don’t need any help; God will take care of us.”

The elderly man became emotional when we presented him with a bible. Never before did he own a Bible. In the meantime three of their children have also become Christians.