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I believe our Lord will heal me…

Rema, a young Muslim woman from Algeria, has had a malignant tumor for 10 years. We sent her the story of the woman who was suffering from constant bleeding for 12 years (Mark 5:25-29).

She said: “I believe that our Lord will heal me like He healed the woman.” We sent Rema the Bible and she said she would read it.

Watch the episode about the bleeding woman from our series Women in the Bible.


I enjoyed watching the Jesus film…

Amane, a Muslim woman, requested prayer for her failing kidney. We talked with Amane about the Lord being our Healer. We also prayed with her and sent her the Jesus film.

Amane said: “I liked the film very much, especially the miracles.” We talked with her about salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Amane responded: “My Lord is so merciful.” She asked for a Bible, so we sent her one. Please pray for her.

Abusive father

Samira, a young Muslim woman from North Africa, was frequently beaten by her father. Her sister and mother were also victims of his violence. Samira fled from home with her mother’s help. She’s hurt. At the moment we are listening to her and trying to encourage her; she has started to open up to us.

(The picture is from one of the episodes of our series Hope for Tomorrow)

Jesus is wise, I can learn from Him…

Najet is a Muslim lady from a poor family in North Africa. After Najet graduated, she didn’t find a job. She thought of committing suicide several times.

We sent her the Jesus film and several Bible verses. We stimulated her to start anew. Najet was encouraged by our words. About the Jesus film she commented: “Jesus is wise, I can learn things from Him.”


Married at the age of 15

Layla, now a 20-year-old woman said: “My family pressured me to get married when I was 15 years old. I endured very difficult circumstances. In the end I divorced.”

Layla suffers from being judged for this. She asked: “How can I be happy someday?”

We encouraged her to trust God. Layla responded: “I regained new hope that I will live a happy life in future.”

Picture from our program series Hope for Tomorrow.

I feel you accept me…

Ramy is a 26-year-old Christian who got addicted to drugs. He contacted our follow-up team. After we talked with him, Ramy shared: “I am at ease when talking with you, because I feel you accept me.”

Ramy decided to go to the hospital to undergo treatment against his addiction. We thank God for this and pray that He will free Ramy from his addiction.

Please pray for my father and for my sister

Beshoy, still a young boy, contacted us on one of our Facebook pages and requested prayer for his younger sister, who is 3 years old and isn’t able to move. Beshoy also requested prayer for his sick father who underwent an operation four times.

We prayed with him and thanked the boy for his heart for his family.

Talking about the light of the world…

A young Muslim sheikh from North Africa got in touch with us on one of our Facebook pages and wanted to talk to us. He said that God is the Light of the heavens and earth. We are talking to him about Jesus and what he meant when he said: “I am the light of the world.”