Water and air

Um Nader suffers from arthritic pains. She contacted us to thank us for the Christian programs because they are like water and air to her and a spiritual breath as she cannot go to church because of her illness.



Hope for Tomorrow for Leila!

screenshot hft

When Leila was still a child, she was raped by her brother. This was only the beginning and she was subjected to abuse by many other family members, which resulted for her in an addiction to sex. Because she’d always had a problem with her leg, she thought that her chances to get married were very slim. She had become completely addicted to sex without seeing a way out of this bondage and more than once she thought of taking her own life. After having watched our program of Hope for Tomorrow, she contacted us and we talked with her about the Lord Jesus and assured her of the fact that He is willing to accept her. Leila prayed to God and asked Him to help her in the situation. Please pray for Leila and the many men and women who respond to Hope for Tomorrow.

If you would like to watch one episode with English subtitles, go to Hope for Tomorrow episode



Worth the cost …

Mohamed is from Algeria.  This is his story: “Some time ago I had feelings of comfort when I learned about Jesus and his teachings. I browsed on the internet and read a lot about paradise and I learned that there won’t be physical bodies there and that it’s not about sex and the luxuries of this world. That totally convinced me to follow Jesus. My friends left me because of this, but I can see that my new life in Christ is worth the cost and sacrifices.”