I will stop working in the prostitution

Marina got in touch with us and openly told us that she is working in the prostitution. We talked with her about the prostitutes mentioned in the Bible and that they were accepted and loved by the Lord Jesus. Marina accepted these words and decided to stop with her work in the prostitution. We have now referred her to a spiritual support group.


Feelings of loneliness

A young girl from Algeria (16) got in touch with us on our Hope for Tomorrow page. After her father’s death she has been struggling with feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. She started to think about taking her own life. We spend much time in listening to her and supporting her in this difficult time.

Deeply distressed

Abraham from Egypt lost his wife and children in a car accident. He is distressed and sad because of his loss. We talked with him about the presence of God in our lives. He replied that he feels comforted speaking with us and is thankful for our answers to the questions he has.


Can you help me find a church?

Nasser is a Muslim from Yemen. He left his country and now lives somewhere else in the Middle East. He watched the Jesus film and started to read the Bible. Nasser also visits one of our Facebook pages and asked us how he can join a church. We are happy that, through our network, we can help him connect to other Christians and to a church.


You are like brothers and sisters to me

Lina is an Algerian lady and she has questions about Christ. She feels sad and is afraid of death. After having talked to our follow-up team, she felt at peace and told us that we are like brothers and sisters to her. We sent a Bible to Lina and will continue to stay in touch with her.


Good solutions

Jihan wrote to us on our Hope for tomorrow Facebook page: “I really love this page because it changes a lot of misconceptions. My husband loves and respects me, but isn’t able to get children. Some people advised us to get a divorce, but we don’t want that. You offer good solutions and make people aware of the problems. May our Lord strengthen you to continue to solve the problems of many people.”



Mohammed is a young Muslim from Algeria who struggles with feelings of fear and worry. He got in touch with us on Facebook and we were able to help him understand his feelings and deal with these emotions.



Nour, a 23-year-old Muslim woman, writes that she has pain about the way society is treating her and that she does not find herself pretty. We told her that God accepts and loves her and that she can develop a relationship with Him. She responded enthusiatically: “You helped me change my mind. I feel relieved. I will talk with our God daily, as you have taught me to do.”


I believe Christ can change my life…

Sabira, a 36-year-old Muslim woman from Tunisia, asked us for prayer. She feels that she is being destroyed due to witchcraft. She has no husband and no job. We talked with her about the deliverance that Jesus gives. She replied: ‘I believe Christ can change my life.’ Now we are looking for someone in the country that can help her.


Thank you for listening to me

Huda from Algeria is divorced and her son is very violent towards her. She got in touch with our follow-up team and together we tried to find out what the reasons could be for her son’s violent behavior and talked about ways to deal with him. At the end of the conversation she said: ‘I thank you so much, this was really useful. Thank you for listening to me.’