3 June 2015. Telegraph.co.uk – Radhika Sanghani

Hibo Wardere underwent female genital mutilation aged six but now she’s campaigning against it in her London borough with a little help from an amazing local artist.

Wardere has seven children – she had birthing complications for all of them because of the FGM – but has vowed to keep her three daughters safe. Her husband supports her. “When he proposed, I said OK but I don’t want my girls to be cut. He said, I’m glad you said that. His sister nearly died from getting cut, so he always encouraged me to talk about it.”

Wardere’s certainly doing just that. In her biography she writes the moving words: “The only way I can compare FGM after it’s been done is like when an earthquake happens and follows the tsunami. For me the tsunami was my emotions which I was drowning in and no one to help me swim through it.”

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