Identity & Philosophy

Arab Vision is a Christian organization aiming to serve all churches of the Middle East, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.  Arab Vision accepts the Lausanne Covenant and the Manila Manifesto as well as the Grand Rapids Consultation on Evangelism and Social Responsibility as good descriptions of its Christian commitment. The ethos of Arab Vision and its programming are well described by the Ethical Standards of the Fellowship of European Broadcasters (FEB) and by the Principles of Christian Communication of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC).


The witness to Jesus Christ entails the kerygmatic (‘preaching’) witness, the diaconal (‘service’) witness, and the koinonial (‘community’) witness. We only witness fully to Jesus Christ when these three elements are all part of our witness.

Our Christian message, the ‘full counsel of God’, centres on God, the Creator of the World, who sent his son to the world to reconcile the world to him by his life, death and resurrection.  We understand the Gospel as expressed in the historic Christian councils of the first centuries AD.

There is a need for programs that portray the present life of servant hood of the Arab churches in regard to their own members and to society, and to show how Arab Christians throughout history and today have played an important role in the development of Arab society as well as in caring for individuals.

As Christ has chosen to reveal himself in the unity and in the community of the Church, it is important to show the fellowship of believers in the media; how they worship, how they meet, how they work together, how they solve problems, how they live, etc.