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Founded in 1997 as a Trust Fund under Cyprus law, Arab Vision has produced programs in a variety of Arabic dialects and non-Arabic languages including Sourani (Kurdish), Kabyle (Algeria), and some Moroccan Berber languages. Watching people share their faith in their own language, the language of the heart, and addressing issues that are relevant for audiences with specific (cultural) backgrounds, has a tremendous impact.

The programs are made available to Christian and secular (satellite) television and Internet broadcasters for the Arab World. Because many channels broadcast them repeatedly, the programs of Arab Vision have filled 10 to 24 hours of airtime each day throughout the past years. They are also available as streaming video on many websites.

Throughout the years we have seen the impact of our programs in the growth of the church in Kabylia, Algeria, in the testimonies of Tunisians who became followers of Jesus Christ, in the growing awareness of violation of women’s and children’s rights, and rights of (religious) minorities in the Middle East.

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