Arab Vision is committed to supporting Christians in the Arab World, both in their spiritual journey and in their efforts to transform society.  Our programs are strategically designed to help develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ. We do so by bearing witness to the one body of Christ and not to any specific denomination.

Our programs present the Lord Jesus Christ and his Church; it is done in a non-confrontational manner, with an ethos of love and friendliness. This approach is the most suitable for supporting MBBs (Muslim Background Believers) and for creating an interest in the Gospel among Muslims, considering the sensitive situation of the Church in the Arab World.

The method of communication is linked to the content of our message.  We cannot communicate the crucified Lord in a ‘crusading’ manner. We also recognize the distressing social and political forces that have often shaped the region, its people, and their perceptions.  We know that the Gospel can be seen as ‘offensive’ to Muslims when it speaks of the need for changing one’s heart, but we do not want to create offense by using unwise methods.

In our productions we stress God’s transforming power in all areas of human life. The Gospel addresses the whole person and all people. An integral part of discipleship to Christ is a vision for a just society. This involves a commitment to human rights, to the poor, to minorities, to women, to refugees, to the powerless, and to those with special needs. In our productions we support the struggle of these people for a dignified life.

Part of that dignity is the right people have to be approached in their own spoken language. As the Gospel is for all people, Arab Vision produces culturally sensitive, thought-provoking videos to help all Arab people to better understand and respond to the Christian message. Our experience is that there is openness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ amongst people of all backgrounds in the Arab World.

Strategy plan 2018 – 2020

Strategy plan 2015 – 2017