Strengthen the Church

Christians often face discrimination or persecution and are in urgent need of encouragement. Faith in Jesus can be very costly; Muslims who have become Christians often pay a high price and are put under pressure by family and friends. Leaving Islam (apostasy) is considered to be treason; there are numerous stories about divorce, imprisonment, torture and even death after Muslims became Christians. There is a great need for encouragement to stand strong in their faith. Many of them often have no other believers in the vicinity.

We provide discipleship and bible school-style programs and music and pastoral programs to strengthen the faith of young believers and for those without access to a church.

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Our programme series Hope for Tomorrow about violence against girls and women and sexual harassment is watched by thousands of people and there is much interaction on the Facebook page.  More than 37,000 people like the page and average engagement per month (likes, comments and shares) amounted to 6,336 in 2016. It opens the way to discuss issues that are usually covered up because people consider them shameful to talk about.

For many of the women who shared their stories for the first series, it was the first time they had actually talked about these issues. We presented their stories by way of drama sketches, using actors. A female counsellor provides guidance on different subjects, including the appropriate response to an incident of sexual harassment, teaching children to respect members of the opposite sex and learning to set and respect boundaries.

At the moment we are preparing a second series of Hope for Tomorrow focusing on different subjects, including sex & internet, child marriage, choosing a life partner, violence against children, child abuse and FGM (female circumcision). The director of Hope for Tomorrow says,

I am happy with these subjects, because the programme will discuss issues people normally don’t talk about. They are ‘shame issues’ in the Arab World. People will hear real stories, but because we use actors there is no need for them to openly identify themselves. In the drama we can still feel the emotions of the situation. One of the stories which will be shown in the second series is Manal’s story who was abused by her family when she was a child.”

Watch an episode of Hope for Tomorrow I with English subtitles on our YouTube channel.

Could you help us make this second series possible? We will produce 13 episodes of 25 minutes. The estimated costs for one episode are $3800.




Kingdom Person II

I watched all the episodes of Kingdom Person. I was deeply touched by the meanings of light and truth. I was excited to get to know that the real meaning of spirituality is not about attending meetings in the church or doing the things that I used to do, but to live in the grace of God and enjoy freedom. Knowing that the focus of my life is to participate in God’s original design makes a big difference for me.”

The first season of Kingdom Person was very well received. The production crew was the first ‘audience’ to be impacted significantly by the content of the programmes. The speaker has a talent for tackling relevant issues for daily Christian life in an inviting, thought-provoking, and refreshing way – aiming at equipping Arab Christians to live as genuine disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in a difficult (sometimes extremely hostile) environment.

The second series of Kingdom Person will have 26 episodes of 15 minutes each, plus 26 short clips on social media. Some of the themes are: How to become a mature Christian and resemble Christ, how to deal with suffering, and how to integrate spiritual, psychological and theological aspects in living a Christian life.

Sponsor a program for US$550 or a short clip for US$135

You can watch an episode of the first season of Kingdom Person on marriage (with English subtitles) here



Many passages in the bible encourage us to talk about God’s great deeds, His love, grace and wisdom to the next generations. Young children are open to learn and it is our calling to teach them how our Lord God walked and talked with people just like us.

Many parents these days are so busy that they try to keep their children entertained with computer games, but children all over the world love listening to stories, especially while sitting on grandma’s or grandpa’s lap. That is why we want to present a meaningful program for children, ages 3-6, to keep them fascinated.

At the same time we want to involve the parents and encourage them to have quality time with their children, by memorising the bible verse with them and talking about the story.

We plan to produce a TV series of 365 episodes; each episode of about 5-7 minutes covers a bible story, has a song and a bible verse.

For €160 or US$ 200 you can sponsor one episode.


youth-hold-the-keyThe majority of the population in many Arab countries is youth under 25 years old. Do they feel they matter in church? Do they feel they can have a say in how the churches view a Christian life style, communication with God, being called by God? Or are they considered too young, not yet mature – by themselves and/or by the Arab church leadership and other adults?

Arab Vision is developing a TV program series about young people in the Bible and how they were used in God’s plans, called, taken seriously… and about how this had a great impact on their and other people’s lives. The programs will also apply the stories and lessons learned to daily (family) life.

An encounter with God and his plans for our young people today will change their lives and their future, and, possibly, the future of complete societies.

The series will consist of 13 programs of each 10 minutes.

For €1500 you can sponsor one episode.