Presenting the Gospel

Across the Arab World more Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ than at any other time in history. We proclaim the Good News lovingly and respectfully. Arab Vision was the first to produce evangelistic programs for North Africa. In Algeria we saw dramatic church growth, especially in the Kabyle area. Testimonies from Tunisia include the story of an imam who, with his wife, became Christians after watching our programs. ‘One day a program about the relationship between husband and wife really spoke to us and we called the telephone number which was shown. Now we both believe in Jesus,’ the imam told our follow-up team.

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Words of Wisdom

Throughout the centuries church fathers and mothers have left us so many inspiring, encouraging and thought-provoking quotes! Arab Vision wants to share these deep truths with the audience in the Arab World in the language of their hearts and minds, in order to inspire people in their understanding of godly principles and concepts and encourage them in applying them to their actions and choices in life.

The culture in the Arab World is an oral culture; people like to sit together and talk, tell stories, listen to poetry together. There is laughter, comments, jokes, noise. Television, however, has replaced the ancient tradition of storytellers, but we plan to produce 365 very short clips with quotes from the church fathers that will inspire people to stop and think – or to stop and talk about it!

The clips will be broadcast daily via satellite TV and will be used on Facebook as an invitation to discuss issues of faith. We believe these spoken, short messages will appeal to our audience and will share deep and ancient wisdom in a modern way.

Thank you for the financial support we received to make this series possible. On our YouTube channel you will find this clip with a word of wisdom and several other ones.

Light for North Africa

Arab Vision is producing a series of documentaries about the Christian roots of Tunisia, Algeria, and Libya. Many people in North Africa believe that Christianity was ‘invented’ by the West, and brought into their countries as a ‘foreign’ religion, to ‘westernize’ and divide their countries. The truth is that even at its earliest point the history of Christianity was deeply entwined with the culture and people of North Africa.

On His way to the crucifixion, Christ stumbled and the cross was carried by Simon of Cyrene, a native of modern day Libya. Today, after more than six centuries of Islamic domination, increasing numbers of North Africans, especially Muslims, are more open to learning about the Christian roots of their culture and heritage than ever before.

We will shoot on location, starting in Tunisia; the challenge is to get permissions for filming at historical sites.

You can watch a trailer about this Heritage project here.

If you (as an organization) want to adopt one episode of this 13 documentary series, please let us know. For a full project proposal, please contact us at [email protected]


“Why is the Arab World in such turmoil? Where is God in all this? Does God actually care about people or is He waiting to punish us as soon as we do something wrong? How can we live according to His will? My parents believe in God, but why should I? Doesn’t atheism make much more sense?”

We would like to produce an apologetics series with drama segments. The idea is to discuss historical events or habits and put them in today’s context, explaining and discussing Biblical principles through these examples.The short drama sketches are ideal for use on Facebook.

The Christian viewer will be provided with practical tools to answer some of the questions from his Muslim friends and the Muslim may receive new insights about Christianity which will make him think.

26 programs of 15 minutes each. We still need US$400 per episode


Women in the Bible

Biblical Insights for Modern Times

Jesus’ treatment of women was revolutionary, breaking the social norms of His times. Even the earliest Biblical records of Christ’s interactions with women give primary evidence that He treated all women with consummate respect, affording them dignity and special standing that was unheard of at the time. Christ’s life is an effective model for Arab men and women to follow.

The focus of this series will be on women Jesus encountered in His life on earth. We will look at a number of women Christ interacted with during His earthly ministry; Mary the mother of Jesus,  Mary and Martha, sisters of Lazarus; the Samaritan woman, Mary Magdalene; the woman with the issue of blood; and others. In each instance, Christ recognized the immense value of each woman and showed the extent of God’s own appreciation for her in the circumstances in her life.

The series consist of two parts: the first part is about women in Christ’s life. The second part will be about women from the Old Testament. Each part will consist of 13 episodes of about half an hour.

Interview with the scriptwriter

Women in the Arab World are often not treated according to their value. “The Bible says that women are very precious. God treats women fairly, it is people who treat women badly”, says the scriptwriter of our program “Women in the Bible”.

“The main issue of the program is not women’s rights but that they can change their situation by faith”, says the 64-year-old script writer. Each episode begins with a short drama about a woman from biblical times and is followed by comments and experiences of a woman of today. “One of the examples we use is the Canaanite woman, mentioned in Matt. 15:21-28. Jesus praises her faith and fulfils her desire: He heals her daughter. The disciples found it shocking that Jesus praised this gentile woman’s faith. Jesus’ treatment of women was and is different from how the world treats them.”

“We should all have that attitude of Jesus towards women. I wouldn’t have been who I am today if it had not been for my mother, who shaped me during the first years of my life, and my wife to whom I’ve been married for 35 years now”, concludes the script writer.

Women in the Bible is now on TV and on internet.
Watch three episodes on our YouTube channel, with English subtitles.



In December 2006, we produced the first Christian TV programmes in Tunisian Arabic, a teaching series which responded to some of the frequently asked questions from Muslim viewers. We did that from a Tunisian perspective and openly showed that there were Christians in that country. Over the years we have produced several series in Tunisian and Moroccan Arabic, as well as in the Kabyle language, spoken in the mountains of Algeria. Christians in the country were greatly encouraged to see other North African believers and Muslims were surprised to hear the Gospel in the language of their hearts. Many of them came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Now we are in the process of editing a series of testimonies from North African people who witness to the encounters they have had with Christ and how this has changed their lives. Some of them speak Kabyle, others Algerian Arabic or Tunisian Arabic, others speak French.

One is an Algerian lady, called Johara. She shares the following: ”I started to read the Gospel and I found the word love again and again in the book; a love that gives rest to the soul. I asked God for certain signs and He really took my requests seriously; I was so impressed. He revealed Himself to me several times, the third time in my dream. Several people appeared to me in my dream and they told me: ‘This is the right way. Follow it!’ I woke up with such a joy, extraordinary, supernatural!”