‘Kushari’, ‘ful’ and ‘tachamea’. Some of the well-known Egyptian dishes that I often see and that taste very good.

Kushari is a vegetarian pasta with tomato sauce and lentils. In almost every street you can find small restaurants where they sell kushari. Egyptians generally eat it for breakfast or lunch, I rather think of it as an evening meal. To make kushari is not that simple, it takes quite some time. So most Egyptians instead of making it themselves buy the delicious and cheap food at a restaurant nearby.


‘Ful’ is a sauce consisting of brown beans which you eat with bread. Of course with Egyptian bread ‘ashiesj baladi’. How I love this bread! Every time you just tear a piece of bread and subsequently dip it into the ful. In the beginning I had to get used to eating with my hands, but after a little while you do not seem to know otherwise.


Last but not least ‘tachamea’ that is so to say the Egyptian falafel. A tasty snack which you can also perfectly put on your bread, then you do not have to tear it but simply fold it open, put the tachamea in, fold it back again and there you go. Delicious!