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New! Promotional DVD about AV

Although new changes may happen quickly in the Arab world, causing our new promo to be outdated soon again, we launched our new 7 minutes video on the Arab world and the ministry of Arab Vision. You can watch it here and download it. Please feel free to use it to share our ministry with your friends, family and your church. To cover the cost of the production of this promo, your (small) donation is welcome!

Missiology for Arabs

Arab Vision is the owner of a webzine for missiological thinking in the Arab World, called St Francis Magazine.  You may want to go there regularly for the great articles that we publish.  This magazine is a project that we share with Interserve.

Easter Program: ‘The Week of Pain’

In partnership with SAT-7 we produced a series of 10 one-hour programs on the Passion and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus. Watch this video-clip to get an impression of the series. 

Easter song: Al Masih Qaam

Celebrate Easter together with Arab Christians. Enjoy the beautiful Easter song Al Masih qaam, bil haqiqati qaam! The Lord is risen, He is risen indeed! Sing along with the chorus, download the clip, pass it on to your friends and let the world be filled with a Resurrection Song!

FGM video-clip

Watch this video-clip about our TV programs on Female Circumcision (FGM) giving facts, figures and sharing women’s stories.

Christmas program video-clip

Enjoy this video-clip about the Christmas program we produced in 2013 to encourage the Arab  World with the message of Light and Salvation in the midst of darkness.

Egypt 'worst for women' out of 22 countries in Arab world

 12 November 2013 - BBC News

Egypt is now the worst country for women's rights in the Arab world, according to a poll of gender experts.

The study found sexual harassment, high rates of female genital mutilation and a growth in conservative Islamist groups contributed to the low ranking.

The Comoros islands came top in the survey, which was conducted by the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The poll surveyed more than 330 gender experts in 21 Arab League states as well as Syria.

It is the foundation's third annual study focusing on women's rights since the Arab Uprisings in 2011.

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Growing number of Christians in Algeria

While the eyes of the world are focused on countries in the Middle East such as Syria and Egypt, developments elsewhere in the Arab World are left almost unnoticed. For more than 10 years Arab Vision has been producing evangelistic TV programs for Algeria, many of them in the language of the Kabyle people who live in the mountainous region in the north east of Algeria known as Kabylia. 

The Kabyle people are often more open to learn about and accept the Christian faith partly because, as a minority, they have never welcomed the Arab majority nor the Arabic language and the accompanying religion, Islam. Reports about the numbers of Christians vary greatly. Some estimates count hundreds of thousands of new believers in the last decade and a minimum of 300 new churches.

Islamic scholars however state that the ‘problem of Christianization’ is not limited to Kabylia only, but is growing in the rest of the country as well - a problem we would like to reword as a blessing!

The Algerian government prefers to trivialize the growth in the number of Christians, and emphasizes that particularly youth are easily influenced temporarily, enticed by scholarships abroad inexchange for converting to Christianity.

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Supreme Constitutional Court rules on FGM

A Muslim woman participates in a lecture, September 2007, on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) attended by Christian and Muslim women organized by the Coptic Center for Training and Development an NGO based in Beni Sueif. AFPRana Muhammad Taha - February 3, 2013 -  Daily News Egypt

The Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) turned down on Sunday a lawsuit which called for the law which criminalises female genital mutilation (FGM) to be scrapped.

Islamist lawyers Hamed Seddik and Youssef Al-Badry had filed a lawsuit to the Administrative Court in 2008 demanding the cancellation of Law 242 of the Penal Code, which criminalises FGM. Seddik and Al-Badry stated that the law breaches the 1971 constitution, which was valid back then.

The administrative court referred the suit to the SCC in 2008.

Head of the Medical Syndicate Hamdy Al-Sayed and Director of the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) Khaled Ali had intervened in the suit, calling for its dismissal.

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New studio and new series of TV programs

From our July newsletter - Arab Vision has a new studio and we are all excited about it! Even though the place is not large, we are able to shoot professional HD-format programs in this place.Our first series of programs shot in this new studio was finished last week; in 15 programs of 25 minutes each, we treated the subject of salvation by the Lord Jesus Christ. Why are people not as perfect as they like to be? Has God made us so imperfect? What happened? The programs start at the Genesis-story of Adam and Eve. We show how people have tried to create their own solutions to the problem of sin; all of our prayers, good deeds, fasting, repentance before God, are well intended, but they are just as useless as the fig leaves Adam and Eve created.

The cosmic impact of the disobedience of mankind needs a cosmic solution. God himself offered the answer to our problem of sin and separation from Him, through the death of his Son Jesus Christ.

While we were shooting these programs, it was over 40 degrees outside; our air conditioners still had a few problems; the electricity also proved problematic; some of the decorations were damaged in transport. But our team was so excited to shoot in our new studio that they worked well together and they praised God for his salvation – and for these beautiful new TV programs.

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Our faith influenced by Early Church History?

Our books on church history have a tendency to focus on Europe in regard to the beginnings of our history. After looking at the history of the early church in the bible itself, we often quickly jump to ‘Rome’ as if that is where our history began. Are we aware at all of the deep influence of the African theologians on our church history and on our Christian beliefs today?

Arab Vision is planning the production of a TV program series in the Arabic languages of Libya and Tunisia, presenting major church leaders who originated in those countries. North-Africa, now predominantly Islamic, can be proud of its Christian heritage. This has deeply influenced the
theology of the whole Christian church. The apostle Mark was born in Libya; just like the heretical Arius by the way. St Augustine was from Tunisia; Tertullian and bishop Cyprian were from Carthage, Tunisia as well.

By presenting the history and ideas of these and other church leaders, we have a great opportunity to present the Gospel to the Arab world. Major themes like original sin, Trinity, redemption through Jesus Christ, can be explained to the audiences in a very natural way, in the context of presenting the objective history of the North African church. Not only will we be able to present the Gospel naturally and clearly to the audience, but we can also show how these countries flourished while still being Christian nations, and that Tunisians, Algerians and Libyans can be proud of their own Christian history.

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What we are working on

conference One of our goals for 2011 is to begin production of a series of programs concerning democracy and human rights issues in the context of the political revolution taking place across the Arab World. One of the countries which we are looking to facilitate democracy and human rights is in Egypt. We have been in communication with many NGOs and civil organizations within Egypt who seek to add a balanced perspective to the discussion of freedom and true democracy. Our hope to partner with these groups have been under threat by this statement, “Egyptian public opinion rejects such funding, as it is considered interference in Egyptian domestic affairs,” made by Faiza Abou el-Naga, the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, as he also directed the ministry of justice to form a commission to examine direct foreign funding of civil society projects in Egypt.

Testimony: A present day Hannah

Our TV producer Amir has been passionately working with Arab Vision for over ten years now. He is often deeply moved by the testimonies he hears from people he meets in his work. This year he is producing the fourth season of a series for Arab women. When asked whether he could share a story from the programs now being produced, he tells: “About this season of women programs, we did a lot of great stories; they are all impressive, but the one that I have been touched by the most, is Soher’s story from Egypt.

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Updated Broadcaster Information

Broadcaster ListWe have updated our broadcaster list to reflect recent broadcast changes and the addition of internet broadcasters. Please click on the image to open a pdf version of the list which you can share with others.

Please continue to pray for the work of delivering the Gospel to the Arab World as we work with the different broadcasters to produce an impacting method of communicating the truths of the Gospel to those who are in bondage to fear, lies, and confusion.

Programming on behalf of the Kurdish Church

Kurdish BelieversEarlier this summer, our production team had a very productive trip to Iraq for filming two programs on behalf of the Kurdish church. Our producer said, "Our time was blessed yet the people are still very concerned for their safety and speaking out regarding their faith." Our production team then headed to Europe to interview more Kurdish refugees and document their testimonies. Even those who are far from their troubled home land are very concerned to discuss their faith openly. The producer said, "I was surprised that even now living in Europe, the fear of speaking out is still evident amongst the Kurdish people." Please pray for the further development of this series and the safety and encouragement of the Kurdish believers.


Please pray for sufficient and timely donations we need to produce a series of evangelistic Christmas programs.


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New book: Godly Leadership

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